Product: Purified anti-Tubulin β 3 (TUBB3)
Catalog No.: 801201
Lori OBrien, Assistant Professor UNC-Chapel Hill

Purified anti-Tubulin β 3 (TUBB3)
Overall: Product Quality: Ease of Use:
Excellent, specific staining on mouse tissue.
Experimental Design

Application: Whole mount fluorescent immuno and cryo section immune
Cells used: Mouse embryo (E11.5) and embryonic kidney (E15.5)
Brief Protocol: No antigen retrieval necessary
Block 20 min-1 hour donkey serum (section) or sheep serum (whole mount)
O/N primary incubation for whole mount (1:250 anti-Tuj1) or 1-2 hr incubation for section (1:1000)
O/N secondary incubation for whole mount (1:250 Alexa Fluor 488 donkey anti-mouse IgG2a ) or 1 hr incubation for section (1:1000 )
Whole mount tissue cleared with iDISCO+
Results Summary: Excellent, specific staining with no background. Antibody holds up to iDISCO+ tissue clearing and gave great signal on light sheet microscope.
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