Product: ELISA MAX™ Standard Set Mouse IL-6
Catalog No.: 431301
Goutham Pattabiraman, Postdoctoral Fellow University of Connecticut Health Center

Mouse IL-6 ELISA
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ELISA for cell culture supernatants from BMDMs
Experimental Design

Application: ELISA
Cells used: Bone Marrow derived macropghages
Brief Protocol: Dilute capture antibody to the coating buffer as prescribed in the sheets and add it to the plate. After overnight incubation, wash, add block the plate. After 1 hour wash, add standards and samples. After 2 hours, wash, add detection antibody. After 1 hour, wash, add the enzyme avidin HRP. After 30 minutes, wash, add TMB solution, and after 10-20 minutes, add stop the reaction using an acid. Read the plate.
Results Summary: Good range of detection
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