Growth Factors

Growth factors are a broad family of proteins that regulate a number of important cellular processes including cell growth, differentiation, proliferation, and survival. Growth factors bind to transmembrane receptors typically containing a cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase domain which initiates downstream signaling pathways including MAP kinase and PI3K-mTOR pathways. Growth factors are classified into various families based on the structure of the protein, downstream function, and the ability to affect different cell types.



Featured Data

Recombinant Human BMP-10 (carrier-free)



Recombinant human BMP-10 induces alkaline phosphatase production in the mouse chondrogenic cell line.

Recombinant Human FLT3L Carrier-Free)



Recombinant human FLT3L induces IL-6 production in M1 murine myeloid leukemia cell line in a dose-dependent manner in the presence of 1 ng/ml of mouse LIF recombinant protein.