Product: PE anti-human CD294 (CRTH2)
Catalog No.: 350106
Kellen Cavagnero, SRA UCSD

PE anti-human CD294 (CRTH2) Antibody
Overall: Product Quality: Ease of Use:
PE anti-human CD294 (CRTH2) Antibody is the best CRTH2 antibody available.
Experimental Design

Application: Flow Cytometry
Cells used: Human PBMCs
Brief Protocol: Human PBMCs were stained with a panel of antibodies that included PE anti-human CD294 (CRTH2) Antibody in order to identify ILC2s.
Results Summary: PE anti-human CD294 (CRTH2) Antibody is the best CRTH2 antibody I have come across thus far. Clear population separation, low background on isotype with multiple flow cytometers.
Additional Notes: I have tried many antibodies in many colors from many companies. I prefer this antibody. I use 400508 PE Rat IgG2a, κ Isotype Ctrl Antibody as a negative control.
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