Product: Biotin anti-mouse Podoplanin
Catalog No.: 127403
Ela Elyada, Dr Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Biotin anti-mouse Podoplanin Works in IHC
Overall: Product Quality: Ease of Use:
This Ab works very good in FFPE staining IHC.
Experimental Design

Application: IHC
Cells used: pancreatic tumor tissue
Brief Protocol: Standard deparaffinization and rehydration, antigen retrieval in 10mM Citrate buffer pH6 in a pressure cooker. 3% H2O2 blocking for 20 mins, blocking with 2.5% Horse serum for 30 mins, Avidin/Biotin blocking system (15 mins Avidin solution followed by 15 mins Biotin solution), primary Ab 1:500 O/N @ 4 C, washes and incubation with SA-HRP ready to use solution, wash and develop with DAB, Hematoxylyn, cleaning and mount.
Results Summary: Ab stains stromal cells very specific and clean. Do not stain epithelial cells, as expected.
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