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Gene Lay, CEO

At BioLegend, our employees are our most important resource. They are the heart of the company. We want each employee to be given an opportunity to thrive as they work to achieve both individual and team goals. Our aim is to provide a culture of opportunity and training to help all employees grow with us. Individuals are empowered to follow their passions, identify opportunities, and pursue ideas that will help the company fulfill its mission to Enable Legendary Discovery. BioLegend understands that a key to the company's growth is for all our employees to continue expanding their skills and abilities.

From inception in 2002, BioLegend has focused on delivering outstanding products, services, and overall value to our customers. These efforts have resulted in growth, consistency and long-term success. For these reasons, BioLegend is in a somewhat unique position to challenge and further develop our team members in a dynamic environment.

- Gene Lay, CEO

"There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." – Colin Powell

Join us in Enabling Legendary Discovery!


Our employees create antibodies and reagents that touch the lives of people worldwide. We proudly set industry standards and are committed to excellence in everything we do. As a rapidly growing company, we attract the best and brightest. We are happy to offer you the opportunity to help you discover your talent.

You could have a career in research and development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance or technology in a stimulating work environment. You could collaborate with some of the best minds in medical research to produce products that will lead to medical breakthroughs and improve the lives of generations to come. We invite you to learn more about our products and our plans for the future as you consider the next step in your career.



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BioLegend Campus
Grand Opening Symposium
Pet Therapy day brought to us by the San Diego Humane Society volunteers
BioLegend goes all out for Halloween
Another great team dressed up for Halloween
Solana Beach 5k
2018 Soccer Champs
2019 Softball Team
Grand Opening Symposium with San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer

iACT: The Culture at BioLegend


BioLegend’s goal is to enable researchers to uncover legendary discoveries and it starts with our employees. Learn how we plan to innovate, aspire, collaborate, and transform to reach our target.


  • Innovate – Be better, keep improving, be more efficient, creative, and be in the forefront of development
  • Aspire – Have desire, purpose, and ambition challenging ourselves to push the limits and reach new heights
  • Collaborate – Foster teamwork, common goals, selflessness, communication and mutual support
  • Transform – Adapt, learn, re-invent and change for future development and growth

Employee Testimonials


“I am very grateful to be part of the Business Development team at BioLegend. My experience here has been filled with numerous opportunities for learning and growth. As BioLegend continues to expand its array of products and services, I have had the privilege of contributing to a variety of unique and challenging projects. Overall, collaborating with my team has facilitated significant personal and professional advancement.”


- David R., Licensing Associate in Business Development

"Biolegend truly makes you feel like an active participant in their mission statement “Enabling Legendary Discovery”. From top to bottom, every team and department is motivated to advance the biological field, approaching each new challenge with enthusiasm and an eagerness to collaborate with others. At Biolegend, you will find others who are seeking continuous improvement; people who will not only motivate you to become a better individual,  but are also more than willing to lend a helping hand and

achieve goals as a cohesive team."


- Dustin M., LegendPlex PD Research Associate I

“Prior to working at BioLegend, my main experience with working in a science field was with academic labs. BioLegend has shown me how intense and rewarding working in industry can be. I found myself thriving in a fast-paced, innovative environment. The challenges of working in industry are more than the usual science-related challenges, but I already knew that I wanted to learn both how to work with and how to lead a team in high-pressure situations. BioLegend has given me the opportunity to do both of those things. I'm glad to be able to work at a company that can recognize an employee's strengths and allows for their continued growth and development."


– Binh H., Quality Control Lead

Wave and smile, guys. Wave and smile. ~

When I had my interview for associate position with Biolegend, I was told the company will double the size in a year. That was the moment I knew I wanted to work for this company. Growth opportunities are aplenty and Biolegend invests in professional development of the employees. I did not last long in my associate role, I got the opportunity to become the supervisor for one of the most important and exciting departments of the company: Tissue culture large scale also known as “Wave”. We are the team growing antibody producing cells in Wave bioreactors and supplying 80% of antibody that Biolegend sells. Wave is a beating heart of the company and this team absolutely rocks! Come, join our team!”


–  Tatiana A., Tissue Culture Supervisor, Large scale   

"I love it here! Since joining, about a year ago, I’ve had the opportunity to lead diverse teams and drive projects. I’ve have the pleasure of being supported by not only my team but by my peers and leadership. There is never a dull moment. Sometimes the impact I see presents itself in customer feedback but mostly team member performance. Every day there is a new opportunity and that’s what keep me going."


– Andrew W., Inventory and Logistics Manager

"BioLegend is an amazing place to work. It is like a second home for a lot of us. We all have a mission of enable legendary from research to cure. Our leaders believe in transparency and strongly support iACT culture. They provide an environment where there are endless opportunities for everyone to growth and advance in their careers. For me, each day is filled with excitement on new challenge and the opportunity to make an impact."


– Sophia K., Manufacturing Manager




The BioLegend Human Resources team manages the recruitment and employment process for BioLegend. To protect the interest of all parties involved, BioLegend will only accept resumes from a third-party recruiter if an executed search agreement is in place at the start of the recruitment effort for a specific position. Unsolicited resumes sent to BioLegend from third-party recruiters do not constitute any type of relationship between the recruiter and BioLegend and do not obligate BioLegend to pay fees should we hire from those resumes. Please do not contact or present candidates directly to our hiring managers or employees.


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