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Know what you’re working with
Reproducibility is the cornerstone of science. Using a consistent amount of antibody from experiment to experiment is crucial to ensure the reproducibility of your data. BioLegend offers three sizing options: microgram, microliter, and test sizes. Understanding the differences between the formats can help you decide which format will best suit your needs. Microgram sizing is perhaps the best way to know exactly how much antibody you are buying, and is often the best value. Similarly, microliter sizes are sold at a set volume with the concentration clearly stated on the TDS. Both the microgram and microliter sizing options are best suited for optimizing titration, and allow for consistent antibody usage across experiments. They also make it easier to calculate how much isotype control to use. Test sizes are offered as a convenience, where the titering has already been done for you. Test size antibodies are meant to be used at a set volume (typically 5 μL/test).


Discover more, for less
Technical and biological replicates ensure sound and reproducible results, but come at the cost of increased reagent usage. BioLegend offers competitive pricing on our neuroscience products, so you get more replicates and more data. Check out the table below to see how you can get more value in your vial when buying the same antibody clone from BioLegend and a few of our competitors. For ease of comparison, we converted the size of those products sold in a 100 μL format (marked with an asterisk) to total μg per vial based on their concentration of 1 mg/mL.

Description Clone BioLegend
(total μg/vial)
Competitor A Competitor B
α-Synuclein Phospho
P-Syn/81A 100 μg*- $285 50 μl- $419 100 μg- $333
Brevican N294A/6 100 µg*- $140   100 µg- $353
GluR2 L21/32 100 μg*- $140 100 μg- $419 100 μg- $353
GRK N145/20 100 μg*- $140 100 μg- $405 100 μg- $353
KCC2 N1/12 100 μg*- $140 100 μg- $409 100 μg- $353
Laforin N84/37 100 μg- $140 100 μg- $389 100 μg- $343
MECP2 N227/21 100 μg*- $180   100 μg- $343
NeuN 1B7 100 μg*- $202 100 μg- $429  
Pan-shank N23B/49 100 μg- $140 100 μg- $409 100 μg- $353
VDAC1 N152B/23 100 μg*- $140 100 μg- $405 100 μg- $343

One Product, Multiple Applications
Here at BioLegend, we quality test and validate our products across a wide range of applications. Many of our reagents pull double, triple, or quadruple duty, meaning you can perform more assays with the same reagent. These applications are listed on the TDS so you know what your shiny new antibody can do.
Purified anti-Tubulin β 3 (TUBB3) Clone TUJ1


Particular application not listed? Even if we don’t test a clone for a particular assay in-house, our dedicated team of technical support scientists scour the literature for other possible applications for our clones so you don’t have to.

Generous Pricing and Discounts
You can learn more about our neuroscience products with our helpful webpage. For discounts, quotes, and help with our products, get in touch with our technical application scientists.

Contributed by Christopher Dougher, PhD.
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