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Introducing the BioLegend Internet Explorer Add-Ons

Welcome to BioLegend's Internet Explorer Add-Ons. These add-ons will help you to find the antibody best suited to your need easier, as well as deliver fast access to all of the web tools and information you've come to expect from BioLegend.


What are Internet Explorer Add-Ons?

Internet Explorer has 4 different kinds of add-ons to make your web experience more efficient. Firstly, they offer a web slice, which is a button on the tool bar that allows quick access to different areas of BioLegend's website from anywhere. Second, they offer accelerators, which allow you to highlight text on any website and utilize BioLegend's product search for the matching term. Third, they offer a search provider which allows you to use your search bar to utilize BioLegend's product search. Finally, for those of you running Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7, there is the pinned site. This allows you to access BioLegend's website from your taskbar. Right clicking on the BioLegend logo in the taskbar will show you the most recent product releases, as well as links to the most popular web tools and information currently available.

Why should I download BioLegend's Internet Explorer Add-Ons?

The BioLegend Immunology Tools add-on allows quick and easy access to a plethora of useful scientific information, without the need to click through and navigating many different web pages. If you are a junior investigator, you can sign up each month for the $500 Travel Award drawing. All this, from a single button on your browser. Not to mention the ability to check our prices from anywhere on the internet, easier searches, and up to the minute information on new releases.

How Do I download BioLegend's Immunology Tools?

In most cases, add-ons can be installed by simply clicking the install button provided. Add-ons can be managed, disabled, or uninstalled from the "Manage Add-Ons" menu item under "Tools".

How Do I use BioLegend's Immunology tools?

Simply right click on the BioLegend logo in the lower right hand corner of your browser screen to bring up the Immunology Tool's menu. From there, it is as simple as selecting the data or information you wish to view and click to navigate to the information you desire. View the screenshots below to view how the menu works. Because it is an add-on, the icon will be accessible now matter what page you are currently viewing in the browser, allowing for quick access to information.
Install Internet Explorer Add-Ons:

These add-ons require Internet Explorer 7 or above.

Technical Notes: These add-ons only work for Internet Explorer. The Web Slice, Accelerator, and Search Provider work in Internet Explorer 7, 8, and 9 on Windows XP, Vista, or 7. The Pinned Site only works in Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 None of these add-ons work in Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. If you have any questions, click here.
Web Slice Accelerator Search Provider
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