LEGEND MAX™ Human α-Synuclein ELISA Kit (Previously Covance catalog# SIG-38974)

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Synuclein Alpha-140, Non-A4 Component Of Amyloid, Alpha-Synuclein, Isoform Nacp140, Non-A Beta Component Of Ad Amyloid Parkinson Disease (Autosomal Dominant, Lewy Body) 4
Covance Catalog# SIG-38974
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This product will be discontinued by the end of 2022. Instead, we offer a Human α-Synuclein (Colorimetric) ELISA Kit (Cat. No. 448607).

This product is an ELISA kit based on a chemiluminescent reaction. An instrument capable of measuring the signal produced is required to quantify the assay (e.g. Luminometers or similar instruments).

α-synuclein, Alpha-synuclein, is expressed principally in the central nervous system (brain) but is also expressed in low concentrations in a variety of tissues except liver. It is predominantly expressed in the neocortex, hippocampus, substantia nigra, thalamus, and cerebellum of the CNS. It is primarily a neuronal protein, but can also be found in the neuroglial cells. It is concentrated in presynaptic nerve terminals of neurons, as well as having reported nuclear and mitochondrial localization. α-synuclein interacts with plasma membrane phospholipids. α-synuclein in solution is considered to be an intrinsically disordered protein and thus lacks a stable secondary or tertiary structure. However, recent data suggests the presence of partial alpha helical as well as beta sheet structures as well as mostly structured tetrameric states in solution, the equilibrium of which may be altered by binding partners. The human α-synuclein protein is made of 140 amino acids, encoded by the SNCA gene. The primary structure is divided in three distinct domains: (1-60) - An amphipathic N-terminal region dominated by four 11-residue repeats including the consensus sequence KTKEGV. This sequence has a structural alpha helix propensity similar to apolipoproteins-binding domains. (61-95)- a central hydrophobic region which includes the non-amyloid-β component (NAC) region, involved in protein aggregation. (96-140)- a highly acidic and proline-rich region. At least three isoforms of synuclein are produced through alternative splicing. The most common form of the protein, is the full 140 amino acid-long transcript. Other isoforms are alpha-synuclein-126, lacking residues 41-54; and α-synuclein-112, which lacks residues 103-130. α-synuclein may be involved in the regulation of dopamine release and transport and also may function to induce fibrillization of microtubule-associated protein tau. α-synuclein functions as a molecular chaperone in the formation of SNARE complexes. In particular, it can bind to phospholipids of the plasma membrane and to synaptobrevin-2 via its C-terminus domain to influence synaptic activity. α-synuclein is essential for normal development of the cognitive functions and that it significantly interacts with tubulin. It also reduces neuronal responsiveness to various apoptotic stimuli, leading to decreased caspase-3 activation. α-Synuclein fibrils are major substituent of the intracellular Lewy bodies seen in Parkinson's disease.

Product Details
Technical Data Sheet (pdf)

Kit Contents

Kit Contents
  • Capture Antibody Coated Plate
  • α-Synuclein Standard
  • 5X Wash Buffer
  • 2X Reagent Diluent
  • Biotinylated Primary Antibody
  • Streptavidin-HRP
  • Chemiluminescent Substrate A
  • Chemiluminescent Substrate B
  • Plate Sealer

Product Details

Verified Reactivity
Specific for human α-synuclein.
Storage & Handling
Store kit between 2°C and 8°C. We suggest storing the α-Synuclein Standard component only at ≤-70°C if you do not intend to use the kit within 2 weeks of receipt.


Recommended Usage

Please download the LEGEND MAX™ Human α-Synuclein ELISA Kit Protocol for further assay detail.

Application Notes

Please note that the name of this kit has changed from Human a-Synuclein ELISA Kit to LEGEND MAX™ Human a-Synuclein ELISA Kit with Pre-coated Plate.

Additional Product Notes

View more applications data for this product in our Scientific Poster Library.

Application References
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Product Citations
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Standard Range
6.1-1500 pg/mL
Materials Not Included
  • Microplate reader
  • Adjustable pipettes to measure volumes ranging from
  • Deionized water
  • Wash bottle or automated microplate washer
  • Log-Log graph paper or software for data analysis
  • Tubes to prepare standard dilutions
  • Timer
  • Plate Shaker
  • Polypropylene vials

Antigen Details

Biology Area
Cell Biology, Neurodegeneration, Neuroscience, Protein Misfolding and Aggregation
Molecular Family
Gene ID
6622 View all products for this Gene ID
View information about alpha-Synuclein on UniProt.org

Related FAQs

In your LEGEND MAX™ ELISA Kits, there is a step that calls for washing the plates before adding sample. What is the purpose of this step?

We typically use a stabilizer for pre-coated plates. The additional washing step is designed to remove these components before you start the assay. If you do not perform the washing, the effect on assay performance is negligible.

I have multiple LEGEND MAX™ ELISA kits that I want to run simultaneously. Can I use the same wash buffer for all the kits?

The wash buffer provided in all our LEGEND MAX™ kits is the same and the part numbers on the wash buffer bottles in these kits should be identical. For ELISA MAX™ Deluxe and ELISA MAX™ Standard Sets, we provide a recipe for the wash buffer on each kit’s technical data sheet. This recipe is the same for all ELISA MAX™ sets.

For some of your ELISA kits, why do my serum samples require dilution with assay buffer?

In some cases, dilution with assay buffer is required to minimize the matrix difference between the samples and the standards to achieve better accuracy.

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