Product: Ultra-LEAF™ Purified anti-mouse CD3ε
Catalog No.: 100340
Sue Tsai, Dr. UHN

Ultra-LEAF™ Purified anti-mouse CD3e Antibody
Overall: Product Quality: Ease of Use:
Works well activating mouse T cells in vitro.
Experimental Design

Application: Cell culture/activation
Cells used: murine T cells
Brief Protocol: Plated CFSE-stained murine T cells in a 96-well U plate precoated with anti CD3 and CD28 (50uL of 1ug/mL anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 in PBS at 37*C for 2 hours, followed by 2x PBS washes) and analyze by flow cytometry 48hrs later.
Results Summary: Good T cell activation was observed, as measured by CFSE dilution and up regulation of CD25.
Additional Notes: The Ultra-Leaf anti-mouse CD3 and CD28 are typically used for in vitro T cell activation. As a measure of T cell activation, I used 2 different parameters- CFSE dilution, which documents that the product is functional at inducing T cell proliferation, and upregulation of CD25, which is a T cell activation marker.
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