Out-Licensing Opportunities

BioLegend’s development program has produced strategic biological tools and materials for use in a variety of applications that are available for out-licensing or partnership collaborations.


Antibodies for Internal Research, Resale, In Vitro Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Cell Therapy Applications

Human CD124 (IL-4Rα)
Human CD130 (GP130)
Human CD183 (CXCR3)
Human CD185 (CXCR5)
Human CD191 (CCR1)
Human CD195 (CCR5)
Human CD196 (CCR6)
Human CD197 (CCR7)
Mouse CD182 (CXCR2)
Mouse CD186 (CXCR6)
His Tag J097D2


Additional targets available for licensing, please inquire


Please inquire for resale availability of any BioLegend product



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