Flow Cytometry Reagents


Primary Antibodies


Antibodies form the backbone of flow cytometry conjugates. Our decades of experience in crafting these antigen-targeting proteins is on clear display as we feature one of the largest clone libraries in the industry. Use the categories below to help refine your search.









Learn more about each of our fluorophores with our Fluorophore Families webpage.


Secondary Reagents


Primary antibodies bind to antigens of interest, but are not always labeled for direct detection. Secondary reagents target primary antibodies and are available in a variety of conjugates. This allows for use of a single primary antibody across multiple applications, which is particularly beneficial if there is no directly conjguated primary antibody available. Secondary reagents can also be used to boost detection of low-expression antigens since polyclonal secondary antibodies can attach to a primary antibody at more than one site and amplify its signal.


Antibodies by Reactivity











Additional Secondary Reagents







Chemical Probes


Cell health is important to researchers for multiple reasons: they may want to assess the viability and integrity of samples; they may be studying molecular pathways of apoptosis (programmed cell death); or they may be looking to track a cell’s division and migration. To provide researchers with flexibility for their projects, we provide chemical probes designed to bind to specific organelles or targets to reach each of these goals. To learn more about each chemical probe, visit our Cell Health and Proliferation webpage.


Fixable Live/Dead Indicators


Zombie Dyes


Impermeant Nucleic Acid Stains


Helix NP™




Propidium Iodide


Permeant Nucleic Acid Stains


CytoPhase™ Violet



Apoptosis Indicators


Apotracker™ (calcium-free)

Annexin V

Vitality Indicators




Proliferation Indicators/Trackers


Tag-it Violet™



Assay Controls


To ensure your flow cytometry staining is not the result of non-specific binding caused by Fc-binding immune cells, we provide isotype controls. These controls match your test antibody in isotype (Fc region), but not in its antigen specificity (Fab’ region). 


For those needing reliable controls to monitor assay performance and variability for longitudinal studies, we provide Veri-Cells™ lyophilized human control cells. Our Veri-Cells™ products include controls for immunophenotyping, immunodeficiency, or cellular activation studies.


Compensation Beads contain small, synthetic particles capable of binding fluorescently conjugated antibodies. These beads are mixed with inert, non-antibody binding beads, allowing researchers to generate artificial positive and negative fluorescence populations that mimic the heterogeneous populations of cells in a sample. Rainbow Calibration Particles contain a wide range of fluorophores, allowing for the emission of discrete signals when excited by the various lasers of a flow cytometer. They are designed to make sure your instrument is well-calibrated and performing at its best. Precision Count Beads™ are fluorescent particles that can be used to obtain absolute counts of cells or any other samples acquired on a flow cytometer.




For optimal staining, we provide a suite of buffers to aid with sample preparation and storage and staining of surface, intracellular, and nuclear antigens. For a full list of our buffers and tips for successful staining, visit our Flow Cytometry Buffers webpage.


Kits and Additional Reagents


In addition to the large portfolio of reagents above, we provide several bundled kits or specialty products as described below.


  • Antibody Cocktails: Pre-made and pre-titrated antibody cocktail staining panels for flow cytometry.
  • Sampler Kits: These products bundle several antibodies or chemical probes together to allow you to assess which reagent is optimal for your cytometer.
  • Flex-T™: MHC Tetramers for the detection of antigen-specific T cells via flow cytometry.
  • LEGENDplex™: multiplexing quantification of cytokines and biomarkers using a flow cytometer.
  • LEGENDScreen™: large-scale cell screening for 100s of markers on mouse or human cells utilizing reconstituted fluorophore-conjugated antibodies.
  • Maxpar® Ready Antibodies for CyTOF®: these antibodies are optimized and ready for metal conjugation for CyTOF® assays.



Immunology is the study of the immune system, including the vast array of cell types involved in protecting against infection and disease. Being able to identify different immune cell subsets and analyze cellular signaling molecules is critical to develop effective treatments for conditions such as autoimmunity and cancer.


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