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Achieve Quality and Consistency With a Serum-Free, Chemically-Defined Workflow for T Cell Therapy


his blog gives an overview of our on-demand webinar about current challenges for the cell therapy industry and BioLegend’s workflow solutions to achieve controlled cell culture environments for the expansion, activation, and differentiation of T cells.

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Targeting Immune Checkpoints as Cancer Therapy


This blog covers immune checkpoints and inhibitors as types of immunotherapy, as well as BioLegend’s resources such as bioactive recombinant proteins, biotinylated proteins, functional antibodies, and LEGENDplex assays that precisely measure proteins involved.

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T Cells: A 60-Year Tale


Read through this blog featured on Nature Milestones’ 60-year celebration of T cell discovery and how BioLegend’s reagents are propelling research forward.

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