Webinar: Highly Multiplexed Imaging of Diverse Tissues Using IBEX

Multiplexed antibody-based imaging empowers the study of complex cellular phenotypes in situ by enabling the evaluation of dozens of protein biomarkers in a single tissue section. Iterative Bleaching Extends multi-pleXity (IBEX), is an antibody-based staining and chemical bleaching technique that allows comprehensive profiling (65+ parameters) in diverse tissues. It is compatible with 250+ commercially available antibodies and 16 unique fluorophores. It can be adopted by different imaging platforms at a low cost, and the experiment can be done in 2-5 days by biologists with basic laboratory skills. In this webinar, we go over methods to study normal and malignant lymph nodes and topics related to multiplexed tissue imaging, namely: optimal tissue processing, working with fixed frozen and FFPE specimens, overcoming autofluorescence, identifying appropriate reagents, validating antibodies, and creating organ mapping antibody panels (OMAPs).


What you will learn:

  • Tips for adopting multiplexed antibody-based imaging methods, including IBEX, in your laboratory
  • Community resources for spatial mapping of human tissues (OMAPs)
  • How to create atlases of human lymphoid organs using IBEX

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