ELISA MAX™ Deluxe Set Mouse CXCL1

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Mouse KC, Mouse keratinocytes-derived chemokine.
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Mouse CXCL1, a small peptide chemokine that belongs to the CXC subfamily, is produced and secreted by a variety of cells including macrophages, T cells, and epithelial. CXCL1 mediates its function by binding to glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and the receptor CXCR2. Although CXCL1 has an important role in inflammatory responses by recruiting and activating neutrophils, aberrant expression of CXCL1 was also reported to associate with growth and progression of certain tumors such as breast, lung, and gastric cancers.

BioLegend’s ELISA MAX™ Deluxe Set is a sandwich Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). The kit contains a polyclonal capture antibody and biotinylated polyclonal antibody specific for mouse CXCL1. BioLegend’s ELISA MAX™ Deluxe Set contains the components necessary for the accurate quantification of natural and recombinant mouse CXCL1. The set is designed for cost-effective and accurate quantification of mouse CXCL1 in serum, plasma or other biological fluids. BioLegend’s ELISA MAX™ Deluxe Sets are sensitive, accurate, and robust.

Product Details
Technical data sheet

Kit Contents

Kit Contents
  • Mouse CXCL1 ELISA MAX™ Capture Antibody (200X)
  • Mouse CXCL1 ELISA MAX™ Detection Antibody (200X)
  • Mouse CXCL1 Standard Lyophilized
  • Blocking Buffer A (2X)
  • Avidin-HRP (1000X)
  • Substrate Solution D
  • Coating Buffer B (5X)
  • Assay Diluent B (5X)

Product Details

Verified Reactivity


As a part of BioLegend's efforts to go green, each new lot of the ELISA MAX™ sets will include a summarized version of its manual. Click here for more information.
1.04 pg/mL
Standard Range
12.5 – 800 pg/mL
Materials Not Included
  • Microwell plates: BioLegend Cat. No. 423501 is recommended
  • Wash Buffer: BioLegend Cat. No. 421601 is recommended, or PBS + 0.05% Tween-20
  • Stop Solution: BioLegend Cat. No. 423001 is recommended, or acid solution, e.g. 2N H2SO4
  • Plate Sealers: BioLegend Cat. No. 423601 is recommended
  • PBS (Phosphate-Buffered Saline): 8.0 g NaCl, 1.16 g Na2HPO4, 0.2 g KH2PO4, 0.2 g KCl, add deionized water to 1 L; pH to 7.4, 0.2 μm filtered
  • Deionized (DI) water
  • A microplate reader capable of measuring absorbance at 450 nm
  • Adjustable pipettes to measure volumes ranging from 2 μL to 1 mL
  • Wash bottle or automated microplate washer
  • Log-Log graph paper or software for data analysis
  • Tubes to prepare standard dilutions
  • Timer

Antigen Details

Cell Type
Epithelial cells, Leukocytes, Macrophages, Neutrophils, Th17
Biology Area
Cancer Biomarkers, Immuno-Oncology, Immunology
Molecular Family
Gene ID
2919 View all products for this Gene ID
View information about CXCL1 on UniProt.org

Related FAQs

Do the ELISA MAX™ Deluxe Sets come with plates?

No, ELISA MAX™ Deluxe Sets do not come with plates. Coating Buffer and Assay Diluent (for blocking and dilutions) are included in these sets. Plates can be ordered separately (Cat No. 423501), and instructions for coating the plates are in the sets’ product manuals.

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