Product: Purified anti-Tubulin β 3 (TUBB3)
Catalog No.: 801202
Brian Lin, Grad Student Tufts University

mTuj1+ immature neurons in uninjured mouse olfactory epithelium
Overall: Product Quality: Ease of Use:
Excellent staining of immature neurons of the olfactory epithelium using mTuj1 antibody
Experimental Design

Application: Fluorescent IHC
Cells used: 9 um cryostat cut fixed frozen sections
Brief Protocol: Tissue was rehydrated and then steamed in citrate buffer for 10 minutes to allow for mouse on mouse staining.
Blocked with donkey serum block, non-fat dry milk, and BSA.
1 hour RT incubation with primary mTuj1 at 1:400 dilution.
1 hour RT incubation with 1:150 Alexa Fluor 647 donkey anti-mouse antibody.
Results Summary: Excellent staining of immature neurons, both cell body, axons in the nerve bundle, and apical dendritic processes.
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