Product: Purified anti-mouse CD8a
Catalog No.: 100702
Robert Yuan, Graduate Student Stanford

CD8+ T-cells are Clearly Stained with the Antibody
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The antibody stains CD8 T-cells in secondary lymphoid structures in the colon.
Experimental Design

Application: Immunofluorescence
Cells used: Pre-fixed frozen section of a mouse colon
Brief Protocol: The colon was harvested from a mouse and fixed in paraformaldehyde prior to embedding in cutting medium. A section was then obtained and blocked with 5% goat serum then stained with the anti-CD8a antibody overnight. An Alexa Fluor® 488-conjugated secondary antibody was used to visualize the stain.
Results Summary: The antibody stains CD8 T-cells in the colon well.
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