Product: MojoSort™ Human CD4 T Cell Isolation Kit
Catalog No.: 480010
Dejan Mesner, PhD student UCL

MojoSort™ Human CD4 T Cell Isolation Kit - Excellent CD4+ T Cell Isolation (titrated)
Overall: Product Quality: Ease of Use:
Very good isolation (purity and yield) was achieved using the MojoSort kit and MACS LS columns.
Experimental Design

Application: Primary cell isolation
Cells used: PBMC from buffy coat
Brief Protocol: PBMCs were isolated from buffy coats by Ficoll density centrifugation and cultured in IL-2 media overnight.
CD4 T cells were isolated following the manufacturer's protocol: Negative Selection Protocol for the use MojoSort™ Reagents in Columns.
Two antibody dilutions were tested: 1:2 with 1:5 dilution of SA-beads, and 1:4 with 1:10 dilution of SA-beads. Columns used were MACS LS columns.
After the last wash cells were stained with CD3 and CD4 Ab (along with a pre-sort sample) and acquired on BD LSRII.
Results Summary: Very good purity achieved with both antibody dilutions, so 1:4 dilution recommended.
Additional Notes: Lymphocytes were gated on FCS vs SSC plot. Doublets were excluded on FSC -H vs -W plot. Dead cells were excluded as Zombie UV+. CD3 Ab: UCHT1-PE-Cy7. CD4 ab: SK3-APC-Cy7.
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