Product: LEGEND MAX™ Human α-Synuclein ELISA Kit
Catalog No.: 844101
Santivanez Perez , PhD student Cambridge University

Easy to Use and Highly Sensitive α-Synuclein ELISA Kit
Overall: Product Quality: Ease of Use:
Has a much lower detection limit compared to other colorimetric ELISA kits.
Experimental Design

Application: Measuring α-synuclein levels in conditioned medium
Cells used: iPSC-derived neurons
Brief Protocol: Collected conditioned medium every 48 hrs (150 uL per 30,000 cells).
Diluted samples 1:3 in kit buffer.
Used white opaque plates and 100 ms integration time.
Corrected levels (pg/mL) by normalising values to the protein content in conditioned medium (i.e. values if medium at 1 ug/uL).
Results Summary: Results ranged 5x10^4-5x10^7 RLU for standards and 5x10^5-2x10^7 RLU for samples, so these can be diluted even further!
Additional Notes: I couldn't detect α-synuclein in undiluted samples using calorimetric assays. So this works much better.
As this is a very sensitive kit, it is important to dilute samples appropriately and read with low integration times to avoid saturation of wells.
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