LEGENDplex™ Mix and Match System
Use the LEGENDplex™ Mix and Match System if you are interested in ordering a subset of specificities not covered by our predefined panels. In order to use this system, you will need to order capture beads, as well as the appropriate standard, detection antibodies, buffer set, and assay plate. This system is easy to use and cost effective.

It is important to note that Mix and Match can only be done within panels.

If you would like to combine specificities across different panels, you can visit our custom panels tab at the top of this page.

  • One unit of each item in the Mix and Match System is sufficient for 100 tests.
  • The Detection Antibodies Mix and Match product contains all 13 detection antibodies for the panel. So, whether you are doing a single-plex, 6-plex, or 13-plex, only one vial of Detection Antibodies would be required.
How to Mix and Match

1. Select a species.
To start, select the target species whose samples you would like to analyze from the tabs below.

2. Choose the full panel you would like to order a subset of specificities from.
Find the full panel that you wish to make a subpanel from in categorical list that appears below after selecting a target species.

3. Choose your specificities.
Select the capture beads for the specific analytes you want to include in Mix & Match your subpanel.

4. Confirm Your Ancillary Reagents.
Each Mix & Match panel requires recombinant standards, detection antibodies, and a buffer set. By default, the appropriate formats of these reagents are automatically selected. If users are certain they do not need these items, they may be deselected.

5. Select your preferred plate format.
BioLegend strongly recommends that LEGENDplex™ assays be performed using a 96-well plate. Both Filter plates and V-bottom plates are available; please select the appropriate format for your research needs.

6. Click the yellow 'Add to Cart' button at the bottom of the screen.
Review your selections and be sure to add your Mix & Match panel to your cart prior to proceeding to checkout.

Select a species to begin

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Please select a panel from above.