Introduction to IBEX

Take your first steps in understanding how IBEX can add new dimensions to your microscopy data.


Highly-multiplexed imaging technologies like IBEX enable the simultaneous detection of dozens of cellular features on a single piece of tissue. Below is a representative 38-plex dataset generated with the IBEX technique originally published in Nature Protocols, using tissue sections from a single human lymph node. The images reveal the high level of detail achieved at both low and high magnification for groupings of related cellular and tissue markers. This dataset, including details on the 25 BioLegend reagents used in its creation, along with others are also available open-access through the authors’ Zenodo affiliate publication.


For additional questions on getting started with IBEX, reference our IBEX FAQs.




Watch the images taken in the Nature Protocols 38-plex data set cycle through or watch the full video.





To learn even more about the discoveries being unlocked using IBEX, view the webinar given by lead developer of IBEX Dr. Andrea Radtke.




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