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The IBEX Imaging Community is an international group of scientists committed to sharing knowledge related to multiplexed imaging in a transparent and collaborative manner. This open, global repository is a central resource for reagents, protocols, panels, publications, software, and datasets. In addition to IBEX, the community reports reagents for standard, single cycle multiplexed imaging and volume imaging of cleared tissues with clearing enhanced 3D (Ce3D™). Below you can find details about the following items:


  • Specific reagents IBEX users have had success (or challenges) within various tissue types and experiments.
  • Guidance on the use of open-source software packages for the analysis of images acquired using IBEX.
  • Demonstrative datasets generated by the developers of IBEX for the purposes of education and training.
  • Commentary on the mission of IBEX as a technology and community.
  • An invitation and instructions on how to participate and add to the community of knowledge around IBEX.
  • Communicate directly and discuss IBEX with other researchers using the technique.



Product Suggestions

We are always looking to provide researchers with the right tools to make their breakthrough discoveries. If you have a reagent you would like to recommend that would help complete your IBEX panel, please fill out the form below.



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