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Explore the possibilities of TotalSeq™, our antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates for simultaneous profiling of proteomes and RNA expression in single cells. Multiple samples can further be combined into a single assay using our cell hashing reagents.

Epitope Tags

Epitope tags offer a reliable and trusted method for protein detection. Choose from our epitope tag antibodies, peptide tags, and affinity gels to identify your target in western blotting, flow cytometry, and microscopy.


GoInVivo™ provides researchers with large bulk quantities of antibody with incredibly low endotoxin levels, pathogen testing, and economical pricing. Learn more about GoInVivo™ reagents.


MojoSort™ is our magnetic bead-based cell separation assay. Browse through a variety of products for positive or negative selection that are guaranteed to provide high yield and purity.

Recombinant Proteins

We offer over 700 bioactive recombinant proteins generated in San Diego, California. Pick the right cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors to help your bioassays blossom into amazing results.


Our bead-based immunoassays help to quantify multiple soluble analytes in your samples. LEGENDplex™ is conveniently compatible with most flow cytometers and comes with free software for data analysis.


Neuroinflammation is a complex biological process that involves both glial and non-glial cells. Explore this critical process in the CNS and the reagents we provide to study this phenomenon.

Maturation Markers

As cells mature, marker expression can change rapidly. Delve into our Maturation Markers Webpage, which guides you through the development of lymphocytes, myeloid cells, and erythrocytes in both mice and humans.

AutoGate Software

Download flow cytometric analysis software built by the Herzenberg Lab at Stanford University. This software is free to use for all non-commercial users (.edu, .org, .gov).
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