Affinity Gels and Matrices

Epitope tag antibodies can be conjugated to beads (agarose, sepharose, metal, etc.) in order facilitate isolation or immunoprecipitation of tagged proteins. BioLegend offers several affinity gels and matrices, including c-Myc, 6-His, DYKDDDDK, GST, GFP, and HA. These matrices can be re-used for multiple rounds of purification and display excellent specificity at an economical price.

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SDS-PAGE gel image of protein purified from the 1st or 10th rounds by either BioLegend anti-DYKDDDDK agarose or a competitor’s equivalent product. Final lane contains ladder.


SDS-PAGE gel image of protein purified from the 1st to 10th rounds by BioLegend anti-c-Myc agarose. First and last lanes contain ladder. There is no loss of binding capacity even after ten rounds of re-use.

Epitope Tag Antibodies

The epitope tag antibodies we provide are extremely specific and provide outstanding performance for protein purification, Western blotting, and immunoprecipitation applications.

Purified anti-HA.11 Epitope Tag Antibody



Western blot of Clone 16B12. Lane 1: Molecular weight marker; Lane 2: Posi-tag control Protein (Cat # 931301); Lane 3: HA.11 overexpressing cell lysate; Lane 4: Untransfected cell lysate.

Purified anti-DYKDDDDK Tag Antibody



Cell extracts from untransfected 293T cells (lane 1) or 293T cells transfected with a plasmid encoding DYKDDDDK-tagged protein (lane 2), using anti-DYKDDDDK, clone L5.

Purified anti-His Tag Antibody



Insect cell supernatant expressing His-tagged mouse CCL22 was resolved by electrophoresis, transferred to nitrocellulose, and probed with anti-His Tag antibody (clone J099B12). Proteins were visualized using a goat anti-mouse IgG secondary conjugated to HRP and chemiluminescence detection.

Recombinant Peptide Tags and Posi-Tag

BioLegend's Posi-Tag Epitope Tag Protein can be utilized as a positive control in Western blotting experiments where many epitope tags are commonly used. Posi-Tag represents proteins fused in the following order: GST, T7, HSV, c-Myc, VSV, Glu-Glu, V5, E-tag, DYKDDDDK, S-tag, HA, and 6-His, and has an approximate molecular weight of 45 kDa. 

We also offer recombinant peptide tags that can be used during competition experiments to ensure specificity of your antibody. Alternatively, these synthetic peptides can be used to help elute the corresponding tagged protein from its affinity matrix. 


Western blot showing several BioLegend epitope tag antibodies and their detection of 1 μg of Posi-Tag Epitope Tag Protein. All monoclonal antibodies were used at a 1:1000 dilution. Poly9248 was used at a dilution of 1:50000.