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Say hello to your upgraded shopping cart.

BioLegend is proud to announce the launch of our new eCommerce system.


All customers with an account with us will need to reset login credentials to link to their account in the eCommerce system. Old passwords on the previous iteration of the website will no longer be valid. Go here to reset your login credentials. If you have any questions, contact Customer Service for assistance


Features of the new system

  • Once your login is created, you can request to update your billing and shipping addresses, add items to your cart, save favorite items, and view past orders.
  • The enhanced features of the system will calculate the appropriate taxes, shipping, and certain discounts when you check out. One time discount codes and promotional discounts may not be automatically calculated in the system, but will be applied to final order.


Learn more about:


An account is required to add products to the cart. If you are not logged in, then this warning will appear to notify you that you need to be logged in to add items to your cart.


If you do not already have an account, select Login/Register in the header.


Then "Request an Account".


Fill in the form and then hit the "Request Account" button at the bottom.



You will receive an email notification to confirm your request for an account. Once your request is approved, you will receive another email to confirm that your account has been established. You can now begin adding items to your cart and making purchases.

If you have previously purchased from BioLegend and your information is already in our system, all you will need to do is reset your login credentials. You will need to use your email that is on file with us.

Click here to reset your login credentials now

Once you have reset your login, you can now login using the Login/Register link in the header and start add items to your cart.


For buyers who make purchases for multiple sites, you have the ability to select your desired account through the login menu.


Be sure to select your desired account prior to adding items to the cart. Once selected, customer name will reflect the selected account.


Customers can update their profile information at any time. First, login and then select My Profile after clicking on the login name.


The account information interface will allow you to update your shipping address and change your password.


An enhanced feature of our eCommerce system is the ability to view past orders. Once logged in, click on your name in the header and then select Latest Orders from the account menu.


Past orders will be listed by date. Here, you can also find the order number, price, status, and tracking number, if the order is in transit. You can click on the order number to view the order detail. From this menu, you can also reorder that past order or print the details of the order.


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