LEGENDScreen™ for Characterizing Cell Surface Markers

Would you like to more comprehensively immunophenotype your cells of interest and you don't have the budget to buy several hundred vials of antibodies to do this phenotyping? Never fear, LEGENDScreen™ is here– an affordable and efficient tool for screening of cell surface molecules
What is LEGENDScreen™?
BioLegend's LEGENDScreen™ products are lyophilized, fluorophore-conjugated antibodies provided in 96-well plates for the purpose of screening cell surface molecules on your cells of interest. The Human Cell Screening Kit has 361 specificities plus 10 isotype controls, while the Mouse Cell Screening Kit has 255 cell surface marker antibodies plus 11 isotype controls.
What are the advantages of using LEGENDScreen™?
  • LEGENDScreen™ is the most cost-effective way to test this many directly-conjugated antibodies in a single assay.
  • The protocol is simple and rapid: just resuspend the lyophilized antibodies, add cells, and analyze on your flow cytometer.
  • Directly conjugated antibodies are at pre-titrated optimal concentrations, providing reliable results.
  • A full kit is provided, including staining buffer, fixation buffer, and plate sealers.
View plate maps, specificity lists, protocols, sample data, and more at:

Q: Will my results look the same between lyophilized antibody compared to antibodies in solution?

A: Each lot of lyophilized LEGENDScreen™ antibody is quality tested against the liquid formulation to ensure that the results are nearly identical.

Q: I have added my own antibody solution to the lyophilized product, will the lyophilized antibody work?

A: Yes, as long as the fluorophores on these antibodies are compatible and proper compensation has been applied during acquisition and analysis.

Q: : Can I request a custom LEGENDScreen™ product with only my specificities of interest?

A: Yes, contact us here at Custom Solutions.
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