Cell Separation: Add Some Mojo To Your Experiment!

When you analyze a complex population, its characterization is challenging. Now imagine you also want to isolate a specific cell type to further study its function. As difficult as this may sound, this has been addressed from different angles in the past. Thus far, three major techniques have been used: flow cytometry, centrifugation, and magnetic separation.
From these three techniques, the use of magnetic separation systems is gaining more and more attention due to its properties:
The development of highly specific monoclonal antibodies, including cell-specific clones, is helping propel magnetic separation above other isolation methods. This is one way to overcome the limitations or disadvantages of magnetic separation technology.

Now, depending on your application, there are mainly two strategies you can use to separate your cells. These are known as positive selection and negative selection:
You can also deplete a sample of one (or several) specific population(s) using directly conjugated magnetic particles. In this regard, the technique is really flexible and offers you a lot of different possibilities to generate multiple fractions, labeled or unlabeled, from one sample.

To separate the magnetically labeled cells, the sample needs to be placed under the effect of a strong magnetic field. There are several devices designed to do this. Ours is a handheld magnet that accommodates a standard 5 mL tube. This type of simple device offers a number of advantages as compared to other instruments or machines:
  1. Flexibility (can be easily used inside a hood, for example)
  2. Easy to use (just put the tube in and dump the liquid!)
  3. Consumes less reagents (no fluidics to feed, like in a machine)
  4. Less expensive than more complex devices and systems (low price!)
We can match the results and applications of similar magnetic separation reagents at likely the best price on the market. And you will also enjoy the presentation of our products.
So, what can MojoSort™ bring to your lab?
  1. A magnetic separation system fully customizable with BioLegend’s unique antibody portfolio
  2. Reagents compatible with multiple separation systems
  3. Flexible test sizes
  4. Best price on the market
  5. Preserved cell functionality
  6. High purity and yield
  7. Robust performance
So if you are doing magnetic cell separation, please give MojoSort™ a try! We have a couple of promotions running until the end of August. Please check them out under MojoSort™ Products and More.

And that’s not all, pretty soon you will also enjoy our MojoSort™ T shirt and more promos in the future!
If you have questions, you are welcome to contact our technical Service Group (tech@biolegend.com).
Contributed by Miguel Tam, Ph.D.
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