We hope you had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. We're excited to announce our recently launched LEGENDplex™ Mouse Cytokine Release Syndrome Panel which simultaneously measures 13 different biomarkers associated with cytokine storm and viral-induced inflammation.

As May comes to a close and labs begin to open again we will be winding down this COVID-focused eLearning series. We will be back next week with a new format and new content. In the meantime, please enjoy our three-part series on inflammation.


monday 11


WATCH: Enzymes in COVID-19 Inflammation
(Approx. 5 minutes)


Enzymes catalyze a number of important biological reactions. In the context of SARS-CoV-2, they are vital for viral entry and replication. Learn more about the key enzymes utilized by this virus and potential therapeutics to block them.




tuesday 12


WATCH: Inflammatory Cytokines in COVID-19
(Approx. 5 minutes)


Cytokines help cells carry out a variety of important immune functions. However, an uncontrolled inflammatory response, as seen in some COVID-19 patients, can cause harmful effects like cytokine storm. In this video, we discuss key inflammatory cytokines, like IL-1 beta and IL-6, and their role in COVID-19 progression.




wednesday 13


WATCH: Inflammatory Chemokines in COVID-19
(Approx. 5 minutes)


Chemokines help to maintain homeostasis and recruit immune cells to investigate injury and invading pathogens. Discover the scope of chemokines associated with COVID-19 disease severity, including CCL2, CCL3, and CXCL10, and how they might exacerbate symptoms.




friday 09


ENGAGE: Win One of Our Puzzles


End your week by participating in one of our contests on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a 500 or 1000 piece puzzle. Click on the social media icons below to make the social distancing experience a little easier.





friday 24


BioLegend Tools Support SARS-COV-2 Research


BioLegend is ready to collaborate with your organization. Please tell us how we can support your work.






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