Synapse turnover is an important process that needs to be tightly regulated. As the removal of unnecessary synapses is not particularly understood, Higashi et al. investigated these mechanisms, focusing on the role of bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs). They discovered that BMP-4 can be released from the axons of a neuron in dense core vesicles. Following export, they can bind via BMPR1A and BMPR2 receptors and destabilize nearby presynaptic structures. BioLegend provides over 70 excellently-priced synaptic biology antibodies with price reductions of up to 40%. In addition, our webpage provides in-depth analysis of the role of synapses in neurodegeneration, vesicular trafficking, and the common receptors and adhesion molecules found within them.

Adapted from Higashi T. et al. 2018. Cell Reports. 22:919. Pubmed.
Human BMP Recombinant Proteins Synapse Biology Reagents
BMPR1B/ALK-6 Fc Chimera GAD65
Human/Mouse/Rat BMP-2 GFP
BMP-4 Hemagglutinin/HA-tag
BMP-6 NeuN
BMP-7 Neurofilaments
BMP-10 Synatophysin
BMP-13 Syntaxin
BMP-14 Tubulin
Mouse BMP Recombinant Proteins
BMPR1A/ALK-3 Fc Chimera
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