Plasticity is a hallmark of synapses where they can strengthen or weaken over time. When this occurs, protein nanomodules correspondingly increase in number as a synapse strengthens. The structural changes that occur as synapse changes are not completely understood, and Hruska et al. investigated how this occurs. They used a chemical long term potentiator (cLTP) to trigger a calcium influx through NMDAR. This led to an increase in dendritic spine size and a correlated increase in aligned nanomodules in both pre- and post-synapse areas, as identified by microscopy staining of VGLUT1 and PSD-95, respectively.

BioLegend provides highly specific antibodies for both pre- and post-synaptic markers that are useful in microscopy and western blotting applications. In addition, our prices for these reagents have been decreased by up to 40% to help fit any researcher's budget.
Adapted from Hruska, M. et al. 2018. Nat. Neuro. 21:671. Pubmed 
Featured Synapse Antibodies
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GFP Epitope Tag Reagents
Purified anti-GFP Epitope Tag Antibody
Anti-GFP Nanobody Affinity Gel
Epitope Tag Big Motif Antibody Sampler Kit
IHC Ancillary Reagents
Sodium Citrate H.I.E.R., 10x
Retrieve-All Antigen Unmasking System 1: Universal, 1X
Retrieve-All Antigen Unmasking System 2: Basic, 1X
Retrieve-All Antigen Unmasking System 3: Acidic, 1X
Ultra Streptavidin (USA) HRP Detection Kit (Multi-Species)
ACUITYAdvanced Biotin Free Polymer Detection System Kit
Purified anti-PSD95 Antibody (clone K28/74)

IHC staining of clone K28/74 on FFPE rat brain tissue.

Purified anti-Pan-Shank Antibody

Staining of clone N23B/49 on FFPE rat brain tissue.
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