Try our new cloud-based software platform to analyze LEGENDplex™ data on any computer connected to the internet. The updated software features a user-friendly design based on customer input and has been performance matched to our existing software. Other features include:

  • Novel gating algorithm which gates each assay file independently and new simplified gating review steps.
  • Pre-loaded Bead IDs for all pre-defined and mix and match panels.
  • Ability to return to the analysis workspace at any time after the file uploads. No need to complete analysis in one session.
  • Easily share any assay workspace with collaborators or BioLegend technical service.
  • 2 GB account space on the server, allowing dozens of plates’ worth of data to be stored simultaneously (can be expanded for larger longitudinal studies).
  • Easy to download results to an Excel spreadsheet for downstream analysis.

To get started, email to request an account.

To detect important biomarkers involved in B cell activation, proliferation and survival, try our newest mouse LEGENDplex™ B cell panels. The panels have been designed for flexible customization and can be divided into sub-panels depending on your sample type and targets of interest.

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