While microglia only make up 5-10% of the total brain cells, they carry out important functions by clearing cellular debris and pruning synapses in the central nervous system (CNS). They are also the only macrophage type found within the parenchyma. Non-parenchyma macrophage function is less clearly understood, but they include: perivascular, meningeal, and choroid plexus types. While non-parenchyma macrophages share marker overlap, microglia can be more easily identified by expression of TMEM119, P2RY12, and SALL1. And, unlike their non-parenchymal counterparts, microglia have low expression of CD45 and MHC II.

BioLegend provides purified and fluorophore-conjugated antibodies for microglia-specific markers, as well as MojoSort™ cell sorting kits for CX3CR1 and LEGENDplex™ kits for microglia cytokine analysis.

Adapted from Li, Q. and Barres, B.A. 2017. Nat. Rev. Immunol. (Epub Ahead of Print) Pubmed
Featured Human Antibodies Featured Mouse Antibodies
P2RY12 P2RY12
CD11b CD11b
CD45 CD45
CD206 CD206
MojoSort™ Reagents
Human CD45 Nanobeads
Mouse CD45 Nanobeads
Mouse CX3CR1 Selection Kit
Streptavidin Nanobeads
Human LEGENDplex™ Multiplexing Reagents
Macrophage/Microglia Panel (13-plex) with Filter Plate
Macrophage/Microglia Panel (13-plex) with V-bottom Plate
M1/M2 Macrophage Panel (10-plex) with Filter Plate
M1/M2 Macrophage Panel (10-plex) with V-bottom Plate
M1 Macrophage Panel (8-plex) with Filter Plate
M1 Macrophage Panel (8-plex) with V-bottom Plate
M2 Macrophage Panel (6-plex) with Filter Plate
M2 Macrophage Panel (6-plex) with V-bottom Plate
In this SelectScience interview with Dr. Lasse Dissing-Olesen, he discusses his partnership with BioLegend and how new reagents like our P2RY12 antibodies (clones S16007D and S16001E) have provided new tools to answer long-existing problems.
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