Investigate More Targets with Expanded Fire Dyes

Our newest dye, APC/Fire™ 810, expands the range of spectral detection farther into the infrared than any of our previous fluorophores. It has limited spectral spillover and emits far outside the autofluorescence range. As such, it can be assigned to nearly any antigen in a large multicolor panel build for a cytometer capable of spectral detection.



Redefine T and B Cells with Multiomics Solutions


Hear from BioLegend’s Miguel Tam, Sr. Manager of Strategic and Product Marketing, as he discusses the proteogenomics workflow, solutions to enable T and B cell characterization, and new products in development.





How Can Tetramers Aid Your Research?


Check out our blog to learn how MHC tetramers can help identify, isolate, and track antigen-specific T cells in your immunology or vaccine research. We also highlight some of the advantages of choosing our Flex-T™ tetramer reagents, including flexible-peptide loading.







Virtual Events


While we may not be able to physically meet at tradeshows, we are happy to sponsor a number of virtual events where you can still interact with us. Join us at:

Webinar: Getting a Grasp on Multimodal
Single Cell Omics Data

June 22


AACR Virtual Meeting II
June 22-24


ISSCR 2020 Virtual Event
June 23-27



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