Anti-Tau antibodies and reagents
In neurons, Tau (MAPT – microtubule-associated protein tau) is a protein that binds to microtubules (the neuron’s transport system), which stabilizes their formation and maintenance. Tau is alternatively spliced into 6 isoforms in the human central nervous system (CNS). The hyperphosphorylation of the tau protein reduces its binding affinity to microtubules, thus disrupting the structural organization and maintenance. Excess levels of unbound tau protein leads to the formation of tau aggregates, insoluble fibrils, and intracellular neurofibrillary tangles observed in Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other tauopathies. BioLegend is proud to offer a wide range of high quality, well-characterized products to support research into the mechanism of neurological processes and implications in neurodegenerative diseases.
Western Blot Parameters: Anti-0N Tau (MMS-5065), anti-1N Tau (MMS-5066) and anti-4R Tau (MMS-5020) antibodies were each used at 5 μg/mL to detect 0.1 μg of loaded protein. Anti-2N Tau (SIG-39408) and anti-Tau 5 (SIG-39413) were used at 2 μg/mL and 1μg/mL, respectively, to detect 0.05 μg of loaded protein. Isotype control was matched in concentrations accordingly.
Anti-Tau Antibody Products
Specificity Epitope* Modification Cat. No.
0N Tau 0N Isoform-Specific MMS-5065
3R Tau 3R Isoform-Specific In Development
1N Tau 1N Isoform-Specific MMS-5066
4R Tau 4R Isoform-Specific MMS-5020
2N Tau 2N Isoform-Specific SIG-39408
77E9 189-195 Unmodified MMS-5018
Tau 39E10 189-195 Unmodified MMS-5017
Tau 2G9.F10 157-168 Unmodified MMS-5092
Tau 43D 1-100 Unmodified SIG-39402
Tau 5C7 267-278 Unmodified MMS-5019
Tau 77G7 270-375 Unmodified SIG-39405
Tau 12 2-23 Unmodified SIG-39416
Tau 13 20-35 Unmodified MMS-520R
Tau 46 404-441 Unmodified SIG-39423
Tau 5 210-230 Unmodified SIG-39413
Rodent Tau** 448-460 Unmodified PRB-5036
D421 Truncated D421 Truncation SIG-39410
SMI 51 PHF Aggregation SMI-51R
Tau 2 PHF Aggregation SIG-39426
Dimethyl K281 Tau K281 Methylation MMS-5101
Dimethyl K311 Tau K311 Methylation MMS-5102
Tau-nY18 Y18 Nitration SIG-39436
Tau-nY29 Y29 Nitration SIG-39439
Tau [Ser214]** S214 Phosphorylation SIG-39455
Tau [Ser235]** S235 Phosphorylation SIG-39462
Tau [Ser396]** S396 Phosphorylation SIG-39468
Tau [Ser396] S396 Phosphorylation MMS-546P
Tau [Ser404]** S404 Phosphorylation SIG-39472
Tau [Thr181]** T181 Phosphorylation SIG-39442
Tau [Thr205]** T205 Phosphorylation SIG-39448
Tau [Thr212]** T212 Phosphorylation SIG-39452
Tau [Thr231]** T231 Phosphorylation SIG-39458
Tau [Thr231] T231 Phosphorylation MMS-545P
** Polyclonal antibody.
Recombinant Proteins
Specificity Modification Cat. No.
0N3R Tau-352 Protein Isoform PTN-5274
0N4R Tau-383 Protein Isoform PTN-5277
1N3R Tau-381 Protein Isoform PTN-5275
1N4R Tau-412 Protein Isoform PTN-5278
2N3R Tau-410 Protein Isoform PTN-5276
2N4R Tau-441 Protein Isoform PTN-5272
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