A variety of CNS injuries and neurodegenerative diseases can activate microglia and cause the release of proinflammatory cytokines and complement proteins that support A1 astrocyte differentiation. A1 astrocytes, as described by Liddelow et al., are similar to their M1 Macrophage counterparts, as they promote inflammation. A1 astrocytes have also been shown to induce the death of both neurons and oligodendrocytes. BioLegend provides several neuroscience-focused reagents for the reliable detection of complement proteins and astrocyte and microglia markers.
Adapted from Liddelow, S.A. et al. 2017. Nature. 541:481. Pubmed  
Complement and Cytokine Reagents Microglia and Astrocyte Reagents
C3/C3b/iC3b/C3d CX3CR1 (Flow Cytometry)
C3/C3b/iC3b CXC3CR1 (IHC, Cell Separation)
C3a/C3a (desArg)/C3 GFAP
C3b/iC3b P2RY12
C5a/C5a (desArg) S100B
C5a/C5a (desArg)/C5  
Factor H  
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