BioLegend carries a complementary group of reagents for the antibody products we sell that includes secondary antibodies, normal serum for blocking, antigen retrieval systems, and the substrate detection systems.

Detection Chemistries:

BioLegend offers a comprehensive portfolio of detection chemistries designed to meet the immunohistochemistry needs of hospitals, researchers and reference laboratories. BioLegend detection reagents are available in biotin based and biotin free kits in variety of sizes. The leading detection products of the BioLegend product portfolio are Acuity polymer and Ultrastreptavidin detection products.


BioLegend offers a variety of buffers and ancillaries, including buffers for capillary action systems and other automated platforms. BioLegend’s ready to use buffers offer time savings and consistency. As a space saving option for high volume users, BioLegend also offers bulk packaging in the form of 10 liter cubitainers. Ancillaries including hematoxylin, mounting media and humidity chambers round out BioLegend’s complete offering of ancillaries for immunohistochemistry.


Staining of GFAP (SMI25) on formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded human cerebellum tissue.


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