With every company having its own special branding and trademarks, it can be hard to tell what flurophores can be used in the same channel. Our Fluorophore Equivalency Tool will help you find BioLegend’s equivalent fluorophores compared to other commercially available fluorophores. Simply select the name of a competitor's fluorophore from the dropdown menu to see BioLegend's equivalents. The tool also allows you to preview the excitation and emission spectra of our fluorophores as well as direct links to the relevant products. If BioLegend does not carry a direct equivalent to your fluorophore, it will not show up among the listed choices. For more information, you can contact tech support




Fluorophores suitable for flow cytometry assays are denoted by FC and provided with a recommended filter set. Fluorophores suitable for immunofluorescence are denoted by IF and list a common microscopy channel used for their filter set. Always check with your microscopy or flow cytometry core to make sure your filter can properly detect the intended fluorophore. For example, a filter set for DAPI may not always detect BV421™. Fluorophores suitable for immunofluorescence assays may display excitation laser lines not common to flow cytometers.

*If using FITC for microscopy applications, an anti-fade reagent is highly recommended as it photobleaches easily.

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