For unparalleled performance in soluble protein quantitation by ELISA, BioLegend provides three options for kits and sets: LEGEND MAX™ kits with pre-coated plates, ELISA MAX™ Deluxe and ELISA MAX™ Standard sets. In addition, we also provide optimized antibody pairs for ELISA detection and recombinant protein standards, sold separately as single reagents.

LEGEND MAX™ Kits contain a complete set of pre-coated plates and reagents necessary for your ELISA experiment. This is the optimal kit for those with a limited familiarity with ELISAs as well as for those who are fully knowledgeable with the technique but short on time.

ELISA MAX™ Deluxe and Standard Sets are a cost effective choice for intermediate and experienced ELISA users. If you are already running many different ELISAs and use your own plates and buffers, we recommend the Standard Set. On the other hand, our Deluxe set includes uncoated plates as well as most of the buffers. See the table below for all the components in each set.

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Components LEGEND MAX™
Deluxe Set
Standard Set
Pre-coated 96-well stripwell plate    
Pre-titrated Capture Antibody  
Pre-titrated Detection Antibody
Recombinant Protein Standard
Coating Buffer    
Wash Buffer    
Assay Buffer/Assay Diluent/Matrix  
Substrate/TMB Solution  
Stop Solution    
Plate Sealers    
Assay Time 4 hours Overnight + 6 hours Overnight + 6 hours
Experience Level Beginner - Advanced Intermediate - Advanced Intermediate - Advanced

Useful Tools