Product: Zombie Aqua™ Fixable Viability Kit
Catalog No.: 423101
Sergejs Berdnikovs, Research Assistant Professor Northwestern University

Zombie Aqua™ Live/Dead Stain
Overall: Product Quality: Ease of Use:
Assessing viability of cells by flow cytometry using Zombie Aqua dye.
Experimental Design

Application: Flow cytometry
Cells used: Lung tissue homogenates and bronchoalveolar lavage
Brief Protocol: Product resuspended in DMSO as recommended by BioLegend. Used at 1 ul per 1 ml concentration in 500 ul per sample. Stained for 15 minutes in dark, room temperature. Assessed by flow cytometry in a multi-panel design (10 colors).
Results Summary: Detected dead cells from all populations of interest, resolved completely from live populations.
Additional Notes: Protocol and results completely comparable to Life Technologies Aqua dye, great reliable alternative.
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