Innate Immunity

Innate immunity is the first line of defense against invading pathogens. Its mechanisms of action are non-specific toward the invading pathogen. Some of the major features of innate immunity include: the complement cascade, phagocytosis, Toll-Like Receptors, chemotaxis, and extravasation. Skin and stomach acid serve as physical barriers to pathogens. Phagocytosis can lead to antigen presentation, which bridges innate and adaptive immunity.

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Inflammatory Cytokines and Chemokines, and Their Receptors

Cytokines and chemokines are small soluble proteins that cells use to communicate with one another. Cytokines can have a wide range of effects in immune cells, from inducing activation to inducing apoptosis. Chemokines are similar, but their main effect is inducing chemotaxis of cells. Both cytokines and chemokines act on specific receptors to induce their effects.

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Neuroinflammation is a distinct type of inflammation that takes part in the central nervous system. Check out our Neuroinflammation webpage to learn more.

Cancer Inflammation

In order for a tumor to proliferate unchecked, they must develop strategies to evade detection by the immune system so that they are not targeted by apoptosis mechanisms. One method that they accomplish this is through immune checkpoint receptors that bind to ligands on immune cells which can deactivate immune cells such as lymphocytes. Check out our Immunotherapy webpage to learn more.

Major Cells of Inflammation

There are several cells involved in inflammation, and BioLegend has products that can be used in both detection and phenotyping of these cells. Click on the appropriate cell below to see a list of the products we have available for that cell type.


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