To simplify data analysis, we provide the Data Analysis Software Suite for LEGENDplex™, a free cloud-based program accessible to all flow cytometry users.


Data Analysis Software Suite for LEGENDplex™

The LEGENDplex™ Data Analysis Software Suite is designed to analyze LEGENDplex™ flow cytometry data files.


The software suite consists of both an online cloud-based program as well as downloadable desktop applications for both PC and Mac computers.



Please click the user manual button below for full details on software suite usage and installation.

Cloud Version:

  • 4 GB of free storage for your experimental library
  • Pre-loaded LEGENDplex™ analyte names and bead IDs
  • Shareable experiment workspaces
  • One-click access to previously analyzed data

Desktop Version:

  • No internet connection is needed for data analysis
  • Experimental data is saved to local storage
  • No data transmission through the Cloud

Shared Features:

  • Analysis of fcs files to obtain final analyte concentrations
  • Manual or Auto-gating options
  • 4PL or 5PL Standard Curve Fitting
  • Reliability of results by determining assay LOD/LOQ
  • Concentration Heatmap Visualization
  • Convenient Excel format data export
  • Same credentials for both the Cloud and Desktop Versions

Request Account Access

To access the LEGENDplex™ Data Analysis Software Suite, complete the account request form below.


Data Analysis Software from VigeneTech

VigeneTech provides a software for data analysis for LEGENDplex™ FCS files obtained on standard flow cytometers.

  • The FlowVigene™ V10 program may be downloaded, if desired, by following the instructions located on the VigeneTech website.

Additional Data Analysis Solutions

Other resources for data analysis can be used, such as the PlateAnalyzer from Purdue University.


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