BioLegend PC/Mac Application Support
Welcome to BioLegend's Lab Tools Desktop Application. This application is an offline version of the popular Lab Tools application previously released on iOS, Android, Firefox OS, Kindle Fire, Blackberry Playbook, and our website. There are two versions, One that runs on OSX and Windows, and one OSX Widget for you Dashboard lovers out there. These applications can be run on your computer in the lab so you don't have to use your phone or tablet. They also do not require internet access (unless you decide to browse for more web tools). Both are exceedingly light weight, and offer all the same features of the mobile/web versions. See the details below:
BioLegend's Lab Tools Desktop Application have the following tools:

-Lab Timer
-ED50/Specific Activity Calculator
-°F/°C Converter
-Moles/Grams Calculator
-Gram Calculator
-g to RPM Calculator
-Dilution Calculator
-Molarity Calculator
-Antibody Usage Calculator
-Metric/Standard Converter
-US Standard Calculator

Windows/OSX OSX
• This app requires Adobe Air® Runtime.
• Clicking on the button above will install Adobe Air® Runtime for you automatically if it is not already installed.
• It will then install the application for you as well.
• This app requires Mac OS X 10.4.2 or later.
• Clicking on the button above will download a zipped version of the widget.
• Select "Open with Archive Utility (default)".
• Double click on BioLegendLabTools.wdgt.
• A popup will ask you "Do you want to install the BioLegendLabTools widget and open it in Dashboard". Select "Install".
• Once your Dashboard has loaded, you should see the widget loaded, asking if you want to "Delete" or "Keep". Select "Keep" and your widget has been successfully installed.
• Use the ↑ & ↓ to navigate within the widget.
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