BioLegend provides an extensive selection of products in addition to our flow cytometry reagents. All of these products also undergo rigorous quality control, specific to each product line, to ensure the highest level of performance.

ELISA and Multiplex Assays

  • Lot-to-lot certification against our calibration standards.
  • Specificity testing against multiple other biomarkers, including cross-species testing.
  • Minimal assay sensitivity testing.
  • Linearity testing of diluted samples.
  • Intra-assay precision
  • Inter-assay precision
  • Biological sample testing with cell culture supernatants and/or serum and plasma, if appropriate.

Recombinant Proteins

  • Lot-to-lot calculation of specific activity.
  • Comparison of activity against a leading competitor, where appropriate.
  • Endotoxin testing.
  • Purity testing determined by Coomassie SDS-PAGE.
  • Molecular mass confirmation by SDS-PAGE.
  • Shipping stability testing.
  • Multiple freeze-thaw stability.

Antibodies for WB/IHC

  • Lot-to-lot testing as appropriate to verify specificity by SDS-PAGE or IHC using positive and negative control samples.
  • Antibody purity determined by SDS-PAGE.

Cell Separation

  • Bead size verification.
  • Purity and yield testing for every lot of kit product.
  • Antibodies used for bead conjugation are verified to pass flow cytometry QC testing.
  • Raw beads are verified to have low non-specific binding to cells.