BioLegend is quickly expanding and developing its line of non-antibody chemical probes. From vitality to proliferation and cell cycle analysis, we offer useful and affordable reagents in a full complement of colors to suit multicolor experiments in flow cytometry and microscopy. Learn more about each family of reagents below.
Flash Phalloidin™ is derived from the death cap mushroom and is utilized to brightly stain F-actin, providing subcellular context to other targets in microscopy.
Green: Flash Phalloidin™ Green 488
Red: CD249 (2G9) followed by a Dylight 594 anti-mouse IgG
Blue: DAPI
MitoSpy™ are cell-permeant, fluorogenic chemical reagents used for labeling mitochondria of living cells. MitoSpy Orange and MitoSpy Red can be used with microscopy samples requiring fixation/permeabilization or as a cell health indicator in flow cytometry.
Green: MitoSpy™ Green FM
Red: Alexa Fluor® 594 phalloidin
Blue: DAPI
Helix NP™ dyes are impermeant to live cells and thus, can be used to help discriminate live and dead cells. They can also be used to assess DNA content and cell cycle after fixation and permeabilization.
Red: Alexa Fluor® 647 anti-Cytokeratin
Green: Helix NP™ Green
Blue: Flash Phalloidin™ Red 594
CytoPhase™ Violet is a cell-permeant DNA-binding dye that can be excited by either UV or violet laser. It can be used for flow cytometric analysis of cell cycle in live or fixed cells. This dye can also be used for counterstaining the nuclei of cells in fluorescent microscopic imaging.
Live Ramos cells treated with 5µM CytoPhase™ Violet dye for 90 minutes at 37°C.
Description Ex/Em Max Cat.No.
Flash Phalloidin™ Green 488 488 nm/520 nm 424201
Flash Phalloidin™ Red 594 590 nm/611 nm 424203
Flash Phalloidin™ NIR 647 647 nm/665 nm 424205
MitoSpy™ Green FM 490 nm/516 nm 424805 | 424806
MitoSpy™ Orange CMTMRos 551 nm/576 nm 424803 | 424804
MitoSpy™ Red CMXRos 577 nm/598 nm 424801 | 424802
Helix NP™ Green 495 nm/519 nm 425303
Helix NP™ NIR 640 nm/660 nm 425301
CytoPhase™ Violet 405 nm/440 nm 425701
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