Application Notes and eBooks

Application NoteApplication Note: Correlated Expression of Protein and RNA Using Bulk and Single-Cell Proteogenomics


Learn more about the utility of BEN-seq and see how we used the technique to detect 280 proteins and measure the Th1 response on both unstimulated and stimulated cells.


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Application NoteApplication Note: Titration of TotalSeq™ Antibodies in BEN-Seq Reveals Key Expression Differences


We expand on our BEN-seq workflow and demonstrate the robustness of TotalSeq™ antibody staining by showing how biological and technical variables affect protein expression profiles. By titrating antibodies, we develop a low-cost bulk multiomics workflow.


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Application NoteApplication Note: Single-cell Multiomics Reveals Novel Correlations Between Genomic Variants and Protein Expression in AML Patient Samples


Understand how our antibodies were used with the Mission Bio Tapestri platform to reveal novel correlations between genomic variants and protein expression in AML samples.


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Application NoteEbook: The Evolution and Future of Single-Cell Proteogenomics


Learn more about applications using TotalSeq™ reagents and how they can contribute to discoveries in precision oncology.


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Application NoteApplication Note: Efficient Multiplexing of Samples Using Hashtags


The addition of TotalSeq™ hashtag antibodies to your CITE-seq experiment allows you to multiplex samples, increase sample throughput, and improve the identification of multiplets.


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TotalSeq™ in Action: Video Protocols and Seminars


Using TotalSeq™ Antibodies for CITE-Seq


Walk through the CITE-seq workflow using TotalSeq antibodies, including cell surface labeling, GEM generation and barcoding, post-GEM cleanup, library amplification, and gene expression, and cell surface protein library construction. 

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Overview of the TotalSeq™ Workflow


See how our TotalSeq reagents are designed to seamlessly integrate into the CITE-seq workflow and are compatible with most droplet-based single-cell sequencing methods.

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Introduction to Single Cell Proteogenomics Applications using TotalSeq™ Antibodies


What is proteogenomics? Learn how our TotalSeq reagents enable simultaneous proteomics and transcriptomics analysis in the same cell using the CITE-seq workflow. 

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Tech Insights: Titrating TotalSeq Antibodies


Learn tips and tricks for titrating our TotalSeq™️ antibodies, including our recommended methods and the importance of titration for multiomics.

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What Is Cell Hashing?


Learn how our TotalSeq hashtag reagents empower sample multiplexing, provide robust multiplet detection, and minimize batch effects.

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Tech Insights: Spike-In Antibodies to TotalSeq™️ Cocktails


Learn how you can expand our TotalSeq™️ cocktails by spiking-in additional antibodies for your unique research targets.

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Blogs and Technical Notes


Single-Cell Multiomics: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding CITE-Seq and TotalSeq™ Reagents

Multiomics has transformed traditional sequencing experiments and can provide unparalleled protein and genetic analysis in a single experiment. Learn the basics behind techniques like CITE-seq and REAP-seq and discover how our TotalSeq™ reagents integrate into the workflow.

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A Simplified Multiomics Workflow with Pre-Titrated Antibody Cocktails


Understand our process for developing and optimizing our ready-to-use oligo-antibody cocktails and learn how they provide optimal results and reduce costs.


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Tips and Tricks for Titrating TotalSeq™ Antibodies


Titrating TotalSeq™ antibodies for sequencing applications like CITE-seq is critical for optimal results. Read this blog post to understand the importance of titration, alternative titration methods, and the selection of antibody concentrations.


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Overview of Single-Cell Sequencing: Isolation Methods and Techniques


Discover how single-cell sequencing has propelled biology into a new era of discovery and learn about the methods that enable the isolation of single cells.


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Deciphering the Immune Response to COVID-19 with Single-Cell Multiomics


See how researchers are using single-cell multiomics to decipher the immune response after COVID-19 infection.


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A Deeper View of Cancer with Single-Cell Multiomics


Explore recent studies using single-cell multiomics and our TotalSeq™ reagents to transform cancer research and the development of precision therapies.


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Single-Cell Multiomics Reveals the Neuroimmune Landscape


Explore ways researchers are revealing new insights into the function and phenotype of CNS resident immune cells using single-cell multiomics.


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Uncovering Immune Signatures With TotalSeq™ Universal Cocktails


See how researchers are using TotalSeq™ cocktails to uncover new insights about immune pathophysiology during COVID-19 infection.


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Expand Your Single-Cell Genomics Studies with Proteomics


Understand how DNA-barcoded antibodies can be used to couple protein detection and transcriptome profiling and learn how this approach adds value to scientific research.


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New Research Using TotalSeq™ Products


The list below contains selected publications referencing TotalSeq™ products, as well as the original CITE-seq (Stoeckius et al.) and REAP-seq (Peterson et al.) papers. Please note, manuscripts appearing in bioRxiv and medRxiv have not undergone a peer-review process.


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