Spatial Biology

Enter a new era of spatial biology with our expanding portfolio of reagents for highly-multiplexed tissue imaging and multiomics technologies.




Spatial biology is the study of analytes such as RNA, proteins, and DNA in their biological context and at sub-cellular resolution. These methods empower the identification of the location, function, and surrounding environment of cells in their native context. In addition, they paint a more complete picture of cell types, cell states, cell-cell interactions, and how all these contribute to development, health, and disease.


Various detection methods and instruments exist for the read-out of these analytes. We have long championed spatial biology in traditional applications like immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunocytochemistry (ICC), building on our expertise in antibody production at scale and a strong catalog of clones.


As the technology expands, we are empowering a new generation of spatial biology applications using our antibody and conjugation capabilities. These include single-modality and highly multiplexed tissue imaging assays such as IBEX for detecting cell-surface proteins. We also support new multiomics methods, in which our fluor-conjugated antibodies serve as morphology markers in NanoString GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler RNA and Protein assays.

TotalSeq™-Bn Reagents for 10x Genomics Visium CytAssist Spatial Gene And Protein Expression Assay

TotalSeq™-Bn oligo-conjugated reagents transform the Visium CytAssist workflow into a multiomic assay by enabling the detection of proteins in tissue samples.

Learn more about our TotalSeq™-Bn reagents >

Morphological Markers for the NanoString GeoMx® RNA and Protein Assays

Our fluor-conjugated antibodies have been verified as morphology markers for use in the GeoMx® RNA and Protein assays.

Learn more about morphology markers for GeoMx DSP assays >

IHC/ICC Applications

Our trusted reagents, antibodies and fluors are designed and validated for your immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry research.  

Learn more about our IHC/ICC applications >

Multiplex Imaging with IBEX

IBEX is a high-content microscopy technique allowing for the analysis of more than 65 parameters within a single tissue section.

Learn more about IBEX >

Scalable Hyperplexing with COMET™ by Lunaphore

COMET™ is a fully automated, high-throughput platform from Lunaphore that performs hyperplex immunofluorescence using label-free antibodies.

Learn more about COMET™ >

Community Verified Spatial Biology Methods

Our antibodies are compatible with a variety of multiplexed methods for spatial protein analysis where the detection is based on proprietary or standard (open-source) imaging systems.

Learn more about community verified methods >


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