True-Phos™ Perm Buffer


Finding the right conditions to stain for phosphorylated intracellular targets for flow cytometric analysis can be tricky. At BioLegend, we have developed the True-Phos™ Perm Buffer for flow cytometry, which is specifically designed to help detect our highly sensitive phosphorylation-specific antibodies. True-Phos™ Perm Buffer is not designed for use in Western blotting or microscopy applications.

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Representative Data:



Human whole blood unstimulated (left panel) or stimulated with IL-6 for 15 minutes (right panel) were treated with RBC Lysis/Fixation Solution (10X), permeabilized with True-Phos™ Perm Buffer, and stained with CD3 APC and STAT3 Phospho (Tyr705) Brilliant Violet 421™



HeLa cells were treated with Nocodazole for 24 hours (right panel) or untreated (left panel), fixed with Fixation Buffer, permeabilized with True-Phos™ Perm Buffer, then stained with DAPI and Histone H3 Phospho (Ser10) Alexa Fluor® 647.

Products Referenced Above:

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True-Phos™ Perm Buffer 425401
RBC Lysis/Fixation Solution (10x) 422401
Fixation Buffer 420801
Brilliant Violet™ 421 phospho STAT3 (Tyr705) 651009 | 651010
Alexa Fluor® 647 phospho Histone H3 (Ser10) 650805 | 650806