Pre-defined Panels

Explore our pre-defined panels, which are built and optimized for breakthroughs in your research area.


Pre-Defined Panel Finder


  • This tool is designed to help you narrow down your selection of pre-defined panels.
  • Choose your species of interest. You can further narrow your scope by choosing a Research Area.
  • You can then enter or select target analytes of interest from the dropdown menu.
  • As you add targets, the tool will only show you panels that include all of your requested targets.
  • If we do not have a panel that contains your targets, the tool will not return any panels.

Custom Options

  • To look through partial matches or add analytes without restrictions, use our Panel Wizard.
  • If you are unable to find a panel that suits your research needs or if you want to add in your own unique analyte, contact our Custom Solutions Team.



Custom Solutions

Our tool was unable to find a pre-defined panel based on your analytes. You can change the research area to see if your targets are in a different set of panels. You can also try to find partial matches with our Panel Wizard or reach out to our Custom Solutions Team.



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