Our multiplex immunoassays are ideal for all your research needs. Our flow cytometry-based multiplex immunoassays are optimized to quantitate up to 14 analytes. Choose from our Pre-defined panels designed for your research area or Mix and Match our panels for your analytes of interest.


Watch our LEGENDplex™ protocol video, published in the Journal of Visual Experiments, to learn more about how our multiplexing panels can be utilized on most common flow cytometers. Once you have an understanding of how LEGENDplex™ can help with your discoveries, explore our available product listings, software support, and resources below.


Find our pre-defined panels for flow cytometry, build custom panels with target analytes, and get your ancillary reagents for your multiplex immunoassays.

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To simplify data analysis, we provide LEGENDplex™ Data Analysis Software Suite, a free cloud-based program for flow cytometry data file analysis. And, find helpful information on flow cytometer instrument setup.

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Explore our resources including protocols, blogposts and videos on LEGENDplex™. Learn about the technology and how it can drive your discoveries.

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