Flow Cytometry Fluorophore Guide


With flow cytometry panels expanding into 40+ colors, it is vital for a researcher to keep track of their options for conventional and spectral cytometers. Request a complimentary, physical copy of our easy-to-reference Flow Cytometry Fluorophore Mini Guide which cleanly adheres to a cytometer or wall. This convenient guide provides an at-a-glance view on all of our fluorophores and their spectral characteristics to help you build the perfect panel.


Topics include:

  • Fluorophores available for each laser, including Spark Dyes, Fire Dyes, and Brilliant Violet™.
  • Excitation and emission maxima for each fluorophore and relative brightness ratings to aid in panel building.
  • BioLegend-specific viability probes such as Helix NP™ and Zombie Dyes.
  • Listings of similar fluorophores for easy comparison.




Flow Cytometry Resource Guide


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